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Communication Solutions
For Performing Arts, Broadcasting, Event Production, Live Show & Sports
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86inc, is a trusted national provider of professional real-time 
communication solutions and services. We bring the market
proven technologies that connect teams together through wired 
and wireless systems. 86inc services facilitate the seamless 
coordination of any activity all while maintaining a level of 
reliability, security and simplicity.

86inc was the first to introduce to the market with multisystems 
intercom for live performances. Since then, our history of 
technological advancement and innovations has delivered 
significant improvements in the way people collaborate in any 
professional setting where real-time communication is required. 
for the markets we serve - broadcast, live performances, live 
events, and sports.

Our reputation in the industry is not just based on our services 
achievement, but around our consistent level of customer 
engagement, dedication to delivering the right solutions for 
specialized application, and the expertise to make it work

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